Swiss AG warranty policy

Swiss AG, Swiss Appliances and the holding company “Nicheware” (hereafter referred to as the company) gives customers a warranty on all products as specified below.  This warranty relates to an assurance of the delivery of defect free products in its workmanship and material.  The warranty becomes effective from the end-users purchase date, specified on the retailer invoice.

Conditions of Warranty as per the Consumer protection Act of South Africa (2008 – Act68):

Within the first 6 (six) months of purchase, the company may authorise the repair or exchange of a product once the exact fault is confirmed.  This may require the assistance of a registered or authorised technician to inspect and confirm via a fault report before a decision is made.  No retailer or selling agent has the authorisation to make this decision on behalf of the company.  Thereafter, for the remaining warranty period, the company may give the authorisation to the retailer or wholesaler where the product was purchased for the product to be repaired or exchanged after the unit has been returned to the original place of purchase. 

Exclusions from warranty after 6 months from Date of purchase:  Parts and exclusions:

All light fittings, bulbs, LED’s, glass accessories, painted or coated surfaces, handles, doors shelving, lids, supporting feet, baskets, knobs or adjusting dials, rust, filters, fans, seals and any other parts or objects which are regarded as wear and tear. All products showing abrasion or discolouration caused by vibration, abrasive and or corrosive cleaners will be deemed as warranty void.

The warranty does not cover any power irregularities, which is not limited to surges, voltage spikes and irregular load shedding.  It is strongly advised that distribution boards are fitted with surge protection facilities and or plugs fitted with surge resistance adaptors which assist with the protection of your valuable appliances.

Accidental damage, injury or consequential damage due to incorrect or irresponsible handling, abuse or negligence of the product, normal wear and tear of the unit, not regularly cleaning or servicing of the unit, dust and lint build-up, improper ventilation, failure to make use of the unit for the purpose for which it is intended.  Incorrect installation, making use of extension power cords, modifications to the unit, any alteration, removal or illegible serial number, acts of god, not limited to fire, water, hail, wind, UV and outdoor exposure will make the warranty claim invalid.

Proof of purchase: The original sales invoice is to be retained as proof of purchase.  This invoice needs to indicate the date and place of purchase, model and serial number of the product.  The company reserves the right to refuse the claim if the original is not available or has been altered or changed. 

This warranty is exclusive to the specified time period for domestic or commercial use.  All other claims fall outside of the warranty agreement and will be regarded as out of warranty and the closest service agent will be put in contact with the customer.  For any information in this regard we urge you to make contact with us to locate the most convenient service agent.

Authorised repair: All warranty work will only be carried out by a company authorised or registered service agent.  The company excludes its self from any form of reimbursement, repair or replacement on a product which has been serviced, or worked on by an owner or unauthorised technician. Once a unit has been repaired or replaced, the warranty is not renewed, replaced or extended by a new warranty.  After the first 6 (six) months of warranty has been exceeded, at the discretion of the company, the replacement or repair of the unit may be fulfilled by a similar age or newer unit.

Every effort to identify the problem or trouble shoot over the phone will be made by our technical staff, however if a technician is despatched and it is found that the error or fault is as a result of customer error or oversight, then the call-out cost will be for the account of the customer to settle with the independent service agent.  This will be explained and agreed over the phone or on email by the customer and our service staff before the technician is despatched.

Service and repair warranty: All repairs or services carry a 3 month workmanship and parts warranty specific to the repair and parts replaced.  This is a warranty covered by the authorised service agent and is not linked to or extension of  the original purchaser’s warranty by the company.  Any use of unauthorised or non-company spare parts will invalidate the warranty claim. 

Warranty transfer: This warranty is not transferable from the original purchaser.  The warranty is the sole and exclusive resolution of the original owner.  Neither the company nor the designated authorised service agent shall be held liable for any injury, consequential injury, or damages resulting from the use of the product.

Geographic coverage: This warranty covers products within the borders of South Africa only.  All possible advice and assistance with spare parts will be communicated to technicians outside of the South African borders, however the cost of transporting parts and repairs are not covered by the company and will be regarded as a freight collect agreement.

All products that are built in or integrated (part of the cabinet or wood/stone work) are regarded as immovable and may require a service agent to attend to the unit at the place of installation.  The company covers a radius of 50km from the nearest city or town.  All farms, gravel roads and non-tarred roads within the 50km radius, more than 3km long, falls outside of the service agent’s contractual obligation.

All other moveable units carry a walk-in warranty, meaning that the unit needs to be returned to either the place of original purchase or a registered service agent. In the case of online purchase, the unit will need to be returned to a registered service centre or agent appointed by the company.

The company reserves the right to make the final decision with regard to the necessary service required to put the customer back into a position of a “pre-problem” situation. 

Any unit exchanged remains within the original warranty period and does not extend, re-start or renew the original warrant agreement.

Transport: The company’s responsibility with regard to damage, injury, theft or any consequential event arising from transportation of the product which may occur after the product has been delivered to the destination specified on the invoice falls outside of company’s liability or responsibility.

Original packaging: It is advisable to return any product for repairs of services in its original packaging in order to protect it from damage. All products not in original packaging will be deemed as the owner’s responsibility with regard to any damages whatsoever. 

The company warranty agreement is subject to change without any prior notice given. 

Please read the user manual carefully and register your serial Number.

Guarantee period :

SMALL APPLIANCES (all transportable units):

All smalls: (Kettles, Irons, Toasters, Air fryers, Vacuum cleaners etc) carry a 1 year (12 month) “carry in” warranty and needs to be returned the  retailer for inspection before a repair/replacement/reimbursement order is given.

Any small appliances used for commercial or semi-commercial(B&B, Guesthouses, hotels, offices etc) carry a 6 month warranty.  


All white goods (Fridges, freezers, dishwashers, dryers, wine coolers etc) carry a 2 year (24 month) warranty.  If built in, a technician may be required to do a call-out to the installed units address.

All large domestic appliances used for commercial or semi commercial use (B&B, Guesthouses, hotels, offices etc) carry a 1 year warranty.


Warranty Registration